Over 20 years of experience in plant displays and interior landscaping


Jungle Plant Displays have spent the last 20 year installing artificial planting in all its different guises, the Gallery of Artificial Planting Photographs illustrates the standard range of displays on offer, also as can be seen from the Gallery of Artificial Projects Photographs we take on a range of projects both large and small, anywhere and with all levels of complexity.

Artificial Plants & Trees are manufactured both here in the UK and in the Far East, gone are the days of the plastic Daffodils, today artificial plants and trees are of the highest quality and to even the trained eye, almost indistinguishable from the real thing. We are happy to provide displays and planting to all sectors from private residential customers up to corporate multi-nationals.

We specialize in everything from commercial grade 40’ artificial trees that are hand crafted and built to each client's specifications down to a simple desk top bowl. All of our artificial plants and trees are available with fire retardant foliage.

In addition to indoor artificial trees, we also manufacture a line of external artificial plants. Our external artificial trees are constructed using artificial foliage with UV blocking chemicals. From a massive range of hedging materials to a range of topiary and cedar trees, our outdoor artificial plants can be used for a wide variety of applications.

  5M Bamboo Leisure Reception                        Ascott Race Course                               Carlton TV                    5M Ficus Landrover Showroom

                                                            Boxwood Hedging Kensington

                     Crown & Stem of External Palm                                                                                Flamingo Land


                          Lift Lobby Fan Palms & Bamboo                                                                       Park Resorts Felixstowe

       Patio with Ivy Screening                     Reception Leisure Pool                                             Roof Terrace Kensington


                    Sandcastle Blackpool Seating Area                                                               Sandcastle Blackpool Wave Pool

                                                                                               The LC2 Swansea

                                       The LC2 Swansea                                                               The Wallace Collection Restaurant

                              The London Hotel New York