Over 20 years of experience in plant displays and interior landscaping


We have the facilities to take on live and artificial external planting projects, we have our live plant material imported from the continent and the artificial plant material from the far east.

We undertake - Artificial Planting, Preserved Planting, Live Planting, Rockwork Simulated and Real, Water Features, Real and Simulated Grass, Garden Clearance, Garden Design, Tree and Hedge Pruning and Trimming, as you can see from the project we completed in New York we'll take on anything anywhere, so give us a ring and give us a challenge.



152cm Fruit Tree in Moroccan                                             Artificial Grass                                                                  Bamboo Tree



                     Before                                                                                  After


                                                   Before                                                                                                              After


                    Ascott Races                                                                          Boxwood hedge

                              Boxwood Kensington                                                                                       Boxwood Kensington

                                     Boxwood Kensington                                                                            Boxwood Kensington


      Double Head Ficus                                                        English Ivy Panel                                                           Plastic English Ivy Trail

                           Boxwood Cones                                                                              Boxwood Balls

                              Flamingo Land Palm                                                                                 Simulated Rock Waterfall Feature

                         The London Hotel New York 2006                                                                      Ivy Screen


 Plastic English Ivy Trail              Plastic Geranium Trail              Plastic Huckleberry Trail                             Rose Lady Range


               Sage Ivy Autumn                          Spiral Ficus                                     Topiary Shapes

          Yucca Rostrata Triple