Over 20 years of experience in plant displays and interior landscaping


Plant containers offer companies an inexpensive way to enhance their distinctive corporate image. Planters create colourful focal points and they can make a statement by dressing up dark building corners or long office hallways. Commercial containers for indoor and outdoor plants add a decorative element in landscape design, and they come in a variety of  shapes including cylinder planters, half cylinder planters, square planters, rectangle planters, tier planters and topsider planters. Landscape planters come in every colour, from the BS and Ral ranges. Planters come in many different finishes, from plastic to aluminium, wood to ceramic, if you need a certain type of finish we’ll find it. Below are some of the immense range are shown on this website but if you can’t find what you need here, please ask, because we can definitely find what you need.

         Babylon Pots                            Bell Planter                          Chelsea Planter                              Cirkik                               Contemporary Pots



                            Egg Pot Planters                                                                      Egg Pot Vases

            Tungsten Pot                 Cubico Brown Pot                                   Figure Vases                                    Polished and Brushed Aluminium


                                                       Lechuza Round Pots                                                                     Quadik

            Simulated Square Terracotta                   Simulated Terracotta                 Simulated Square Terracotta                          Stone Effect Cube Pots


             Bedouin                                        Tall Egg Pot