Preserved Plant Landscaping

Preserved palms are created from natural plant material, and they are the perfect compromise between the beauty of nature and the restrictions of large palms in interior office and leisure spaces. The palm tree preservation process begins with harvesting the palm fronds from live growing trees, and replacing the plant tissue’s water with a preservation solution. The palm tree stem is created with either live palm tree bark trimmings which offer a natural look, or with fabricated fibreglass trunks painted by skilled artisans to create a more groomed appearance. Most of our preserved palms are created for interior use, but a few Far East manufacturers are now creating palm varieties that are climate tested (for wind, temperature, UV rays) for exterior applications, eliminating frustrations associated with live plants such as climate control, irrigation problems, load bearing on building rooftops, non-accessible areas for plant care, pest and plant diseases, and unsightly areas you would like to conceal. Though still in the early stages of development these external palms are an exciting addition to the range.

Preserved palms can turn your low maintenance plant care dreams into an indoor landscaping reality. The benefits of purchasing preserved plants are endless. They offer a low installation cost due to their relatively low weight, and they can be placed on upper office floors where load can be an issue. The annual costs of live plant care and special lighting needs are eliminated. The preserved palm trees only require periodic cleaning, and do not sacrifice the look and feel of indoor live plants. In addition, the trunks of the palm trees are hollow and can hide wiring, which allows the palms to also function as a speaker tower or lighting fixture, and can disguise security cameras. Preserved trees can even be wired for future installation of lights and fixtures.
Below are a few examples of the Palms available, these photographs are taken from some previous installations and a few from our suppliers. There is a wider range of trees and plants available than that shown below, so if you had anything specific in mind please do contact us and we’ll see if it’s available for you.